Difficult Decisions is about the ones I’ve had to make in unlearning how I thought our economic world operated. My profession was a private wealth financial planner and “stock picker”, along with an educational background in international monetary policy. I have spent several years in the trenches, learning the ins and outs of how both governments, companies, and individuals alike, manage their financial affairs. I also grew up studying and participating in emerging closed-end digital economies, and I believe this combination of perspectives results in a unique angle to deliver, and a reason to write.

It is with these observations and learned lessons that I present my findings occasionally in long-form, which is what the text of this publication consists of.

Bitcoin is reframing the term “value” and how we price goods, and most importantly - our time.

As a distributed network free from centralized control, its finite supply along with digital resiliency/interoperability makes it quite attractive as a currency for our world today.

Bitcoin is also a symbol of freedom. Bitcoin is now a new hope for the average person to begin saving and compounding their wealth. I hope you join me in learning about how value is constructed, how money works and how we got here, and where the future of technology and investing will lead us in the decades to come.

-Bap 🕊